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Be very careful when you get any pop-up notification on your computer. Never click on the pop-up. It might be legitimate, or it might NOT be legitimate. This video will show you how to check if your Adobe Flash Player really needs an update or not. An Adobe Flash Player Update Pop-up can really fool you if it is fake. This video will show you how to test your Adobe Flash Player safely.
There are frequent updates to the flash player software in your browser, requiring you to download an update to your Adobe Flash Player. The problem is, the pop-up that you see could very well be fake, trying to trick you into clicking on it. You can check directly on the Adobe website and test your Flash Player.. Social engineering is being used to trick the unsuspecting user into unwittingly downloading and running a bogus version of Adobe Flash — designed to infect their computer with scareware.
When you get a pop up on your computer screen telling you that your Adobe Flash Player is out of date, it very well could be a scam, malware, trying to get you to allow more useless junk on your internet browser.Anyone who has been using computers for any length of time should (hopefully) be aware of the endless ritual of updating Adobe Flash against security vulnerabilities. So, what better way to trick someone into having their computer infected than by disguising it as an actual Adobe Flash update? I will show you 5 key things that you should always know about your computer. 1. Don't click on pop-ups. Go to the source to check what the pop up is telling you. 2. Check the Adobe website directly to see if you need an update. Often times you will. Adobe makes Flash Player so they will be the only valid source for checking this. 3. Do not accept any additional software with downloads unless you woke up this morning thinking that you needed that additional software. 4. Do not download other "cleaners" to clear our your computer for you. That is like hiring a criminal maid. 5. Donate directly to Girl scouts, but don't purchase the cookies thinking that you are helping them. That is all. Thumbs up If you like this video and make comments below regarding your Adobe Flash Player experiences. Tell us your favorite alternative to Girl scout Cookies.
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