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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle's DISTRESSING Facts and Pitfalls!.


Thomas Hennesy

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There is a lot of information to absorb in evaluating any Big Ticket Program. This is my assessment of 8 figure dream lifestyle and the pitfalls to watch for. It is important for everyone to try as much as you can to remove the emotions when evaluating 8 figure dream lifestyle or for that matter, any and all business opportunities!

Logic and careful thought should go into any decision that involves money ( I learned that from experience - the hard way ).

For example, to me, it is totally illogical to be expected to spend $2,000 per month on advertising and marketing your 8 figure dream lifestyle business when it can be done for no money out of pocket (unless you insist on spending something).

Furthermore, to me it is illogical to use the same company video that everyone else (who is trying to make Big Ticket successful) is using! How does this separate YOU from the rest of the pack and how does this stop "Sponsor shopping"? It doesn't? It actually helps to promote Sponsor shopping! NOT GOOD!

I have a simple, logical and very effective way to eliminate these two major pitfalls that many of you face who are looking at Big Ticket Programs or even those who are already in Big Ticket (like 8 figure dream lifestyle). The videos I use convert because I don't telegraph pertinent information to the whole world that can come back and haunt you in your desires to succeed!

You can call me direct to see how the strategies I use for my high converting videos can be successfully used by anyone. I do not charge anything to give you the link to my video.

Call me at 802-585-3776

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