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7 Mistakes That Make Your Phone Battery Go Dead



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How to Extend the Life of Your Phone Battery. How to charge your phone battery fast and correctly? Here are 7 myths about charging your gadgets you should stop believing.

Myth # 1. Charging your phone overnight will kill it. 1:05
Myth # 2. You can only charge your phone when you have a low battery. 2:53
Myth # 3. You shouldn’t constantly keep your charger plugged in the wall. 4:46
Myth # 4. It’s super dangerous to use your phone while it’s charging. 6:48
Myth # 5. All chargers are the same. 7:42
Myth # 6. Turning off your phone makes no difference to the battery. 8:35
Myth # 7. Keeping your laptop constantly plugged in will damage it. 9:18

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-Modern lithium-ion batteries have built-in controllers to prevent any possible damage. They stop charging when the battery is 100% full, so you really have no reason to fear fire or phone damage.
-Experts at Battery University promise that your battery will serve you longer and more effectively if you keep it at 40 to 80%.
-In case you have a lightning protection system, no pets, and a legit charger, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll leave your charger plugged into the wall.
-As long as you’re using a legit device and charger or an official replacement from the manufacturer, there’s no risk in using a plugged-in phone.
-If you decide to get a fake or uncertified charger, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t work as fast as the original or makes your battery barely last an hour.
-Giving your phone a break and turning it off at least once a week will help conserve its battery over time.
-Modern power circuits in laptops block battery charging when it’s full, so it’s totally safe to keep it constantly plugged in.

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