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The kidney grille has always been an identifying feature of a BMW. On the BMW X2, however, its outline is wider at its base than at its top. The X2 is the first modern BMW to feature this design cue, and it gives the new car a broader, even more distinctive and even sportier appearance. Below the grille, the hexagonal surface treatment in the bumper further reinforces this impression. The kidney grille provides a visual expression of the BMW X2’s classy appeal. The fronts to the grille bars in High-gloss Black contrast with the grille’s chrome surround.

The BMW X2 has a poised on-road stance thanks to large wheels and a striking wheel rim design. The M Sport and M Sport X models are available with wheels in sizes up to 20 inches – a standout feature in this vehicle segment. As standard, both models are available with 19-inch wheels. The standard rims for the BMW X2 are 17-inch style 560 items, but ten other rim designs (including the M wheels for the BMW X2 M Sport and M Sport X) can be specified as an option.

The side skirts of the BMW X2 are among its signature features and contribute in no small part to its rugged and assured good looks. Their design varies depending on specification. The cladding is black on the basic version of the car and visible from all angles. This creates a rugged look typical of X family models, gives the appearance of high ground clearance and ensures it is easily recognised. At the same time, it is immediately clear that this is a new, standalone member of the BMW X family. The side skirts of the BMW X2 M Sport feature a greater degree of body colour, which brings the car visually closer to the road. The BMW X2 M Sport X, meanwhile, has specially designed cladding inserts in Frozen Grey. When viewed from the side, this lighter colour shade generates an impression of higher ground clearance compared with the BMW X2 M Sport and ensures this model stands apart clearly from its stablemates.

The roofline of the BMW X2 has an almost coupe-like lightness, which gives the whole car the impression of surging forward like an athlete. A key contributor here is the styling above the familiar BMW swage line, where the body tapers in sharply towards the glasshouse. These athletic shoulders generate a large number of light surfaces in the upper section of the BMW X2 makes the glasshouse appear lighter. The extremely slim window graphic teams up with the optional M rear spoiler to inject extra dynamism into the car’s proportions.

The BMW X2 has a broad, planted stance on the road, especially when viewed from the rear. Creating this impression of width are the horizontal design lines and distinctive rear bumper. The latter’s design will vary depending on the car’s specification. On the standard car, it comes in the vehicle colour and matt black. The BMW X2 M Sport features a diffuser-look cladding inlay in Dark Shadow metallic. The BMW X2 M Sport X, meanwhile, gets a bespoke diffusor insert in the contrast colour Frozen Grey. On all models, the new rear bumper and tailgate design sees the latter sitting flush with the rear apron. And that gives the rear end a supremely harmonious feel.

One of the ways the BMW X2 expresses the inherent power of its BMW TwinPower Turbo engines is through the design of the tailpipes. Depending on the engine specified, the X2 may come with a single or twin arrangement. The tailpipes are 90 mm in diameter.

The horizontal design lines of the BMW X2’s rear end tighten the visual distance between the car and the road, emphasising the car’s width and therefore its sporty character. These lines continue into the high-set rear lights. The LED rear lights represent a symbiosis of the T-shape lighting contour shared by other BMW X models and the L shape familiar from BMW coupes. This iconographic light signature includes a precise LED strip on the inside the rear light units. The BMW X2 is therefore clearly recognisable, even in the dark.

The design of the BMW X2’s headlights reinforces its striking, sporty looks. Familiar twin circular elements (including LED daytime driving lights) combine with the foglamps to create the characteristic six-eyed face of the X family and make the vehicle instantly recognisable. Because the inner headlights are slightly narrower than the outer ones, the BMW X2 assumes a tangible air of concentration and dynamism. Moreover, shiny chrome surfaces add a highquality touch while a chrome bar at the outer edges enhances the impression of width.
Full-LED headlights are available as an option for the BMW X2. The bi-LED light for low beam and high beam is extremely bright and effective at illuminating the road, while also accentuating the BMW X2’s sporty looks particularly impressively. The headlights display fine detailing, achieved in part through hexagonal LED daytime driving light tubes and laser engraving.
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