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11 Tips from Millionaires on How to Save Up a Lot of Money



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Millionaires revealed the secrets of becoming rich. Follow these simple rules that guarantee success. You won’t believe how fast these tips actually work.
Start with setting specific financial goals. Make sure what you’re doing on a daily basis is moving you closer to your goal. If it’s not, think of what you can change. Become an expert at whatever you want to do by following “the rule of 100”. It could be 100 speeches, 100 articles, 100 workouts and even 100 cakes if you like to bake. See money as something you can earn and build up, not something that keeps you down and crushes all your dreams. Expand your professional network: talk to people and keep their contact info. You never know where a new job might come from when you need it. Wait for that cool gadget to go on sale or compare prices at different retailers. Remember that by using a credit card, you’re essentially spending money you don’t actually have.
Follow the millionaires’ advice and live below your means. Don’t spend all your money on luxury houses, cars and watches. And you don’t need to rush off and buy the newest smartphone model if your phone is working just fine. Millionaires don’t earn money just by spending time at work; they get their money to work for them. People around you influence your life and mindset, so surround yourself with successful people.

Follow the “50/30/20 Rule” 0:27
Avoid “poverty thinking” 1:16
Write out a detailed financial plan 1:44
Adhere to the “Rule of 100” 2:35
Always have a Plan B 3:07
Buy in bulk and on sale 3:36
Stay away from credit cards 4:00
Try to buy straight from manufacturers 4:27
Live below your means 5:09
Start earning passive income 6:01
Surround yourself with successful people 6:44

-Divide your income into 3 categories: monthly expenses, personal spending, savings account.
-Never say things like “It's too expensive” or “I’ll never be able to afford that”.
-Set specific goals and create a detailed plan on how to achieve them.
-Do 100 of something within a year to become an expert at it.
-Think of all the skills you have and work on developing them in your free time.
-Don’t be embarrassed to use coupons and wait for sales.
-By using a credit card, you’re essentially spending money you don’t actually have.
-Order stuff straight from the manufacturer to get it at a lower price.
-Live below your means so that you have more money coming in.
-Invest in something you know.
-Get along with talented people who share your vision.

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