10 Game Show Cheaters Caught On Camera


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Game shows are some of the most entertaining shows on television today. Quiz shows have become increasingly popular, as people who have their wits about them can apply to be on the show and show off their intelligence. On game shows that involve quizzes and immense study of random knowledge, it can be easy to get tempted to cheat and figure out how to trick the system so that you can walk away with thousands of dollars. Situations such as these are incredibly entertaining for viewers in the audience and at home, but they can be incredibly frustrating for the contestants as they watch their money disappear in an instant before their eyes. And they have no one to blame but themselves.
Then we have the new trend of reality game shows where it requires people to work in teams and then eliminate each other as the weeks go by. In game situations such as these, it can be easy to want to get along with people and form alliances, but they can eventually bite you when you betray a friend. Survivor winner Richard Hatch was often accused of cheating because he made no friends, formed no alliances, and made it very clear that he was out to get everything. Because he betrayed no one, he survived the entire show without being eliminated and ended up winning the game.
Here are some of the biggest game show cheaters that got caught. When this happens, sometimes they have to give back their prize money, and they are left at the mercy of television viewers to openly criticize
Being on a game show means that you have a shot at winning a ton of money. But one wrong answer and one slip can mean that thousands of dollars can slip through your fingers instantly, making one desperate to not lose. Here are the biggest game show cheaters who got caught.
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