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10 CRAZY Stunts That Came Before Mission: Impossible 5 | Top 10



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Hey guys! It’s probably safe to say that if you’ve been online in the last month or so, you’ve seen the promo clip from Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation featuring Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an actual airbus as it takes off with him in tow. Say what you want about the man, but Cruise had the nerve to perform this practical and practically insane stunt 8 times. I feel like I would’ve run home crying after the first take. Mind-bending feats of sheer courage like this are par for the course when it comes to, certainly the Mission Impossible franchise, but also adventure movies in general. And while it’s not yet given the recognition it deserves in Hollywood, stunt work is an essential ingredient to creating memorable action sequences and giving audiences those “holy shit” moments that they talk about long after the credits roll.

So in honor of Tom Cruise, who’ll probably be base-jumping off the International Space Station or mud-wrestling a live grizzly bear for his next movie, here are ten of the most insane stunts we’ve ever seen performed on film.

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