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06.13.2018 | Today's topics:*We had some GREAT news out of last night's primaries, especially...



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Today's topics:

*We had some GREAT news out of last night's primaries, especially for first time candidates and women

*Cohen appears to have flipped on the President, and there's no way to overstate how big this is

*And lastly, watch this and think through your creativity, your connections, your action to help support and defend the parents and children who are being persecuted by ICE now. We are AMERICANS, dammit, and we are not going to allow this to happen. NOT ON OUR WATCH.

Today's broadcast contains a very serious call to action on numerous fronts to benefit the children being kidnapped by ICE and held in camps. Please watch all the way through. We could really use your support on Patreon if you have not already contributed so that we can continue to serve all of you: www.patreon.com/ResistanceLive

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