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This subliminal will allow you to live a lifestyle just like Starfire from the series, Teen Titans. All of the characters, locations, technology, and superpowers will manifest in your reality. I have included extra measures to ensure your safety when dealing with enemies. Includes built-in prep and cool-down mini boosters for extra effectiveness.

All my subliminal results are permanent. Listen for as long as you need to to achieve your desired results and finish off with a flush when you have gotten there.

I am accepting requests through Ko-Fi: http://ko-fi.com/K3K3UZGJ

Instructions: To use this subliminal, simply play the video at a comfortable volume either through speakers or over headphones and go about your business. Repeat the subliminal about 3-10 times - the more, the better - but know your personal limits and take breaks, if necessary. Please drink lots of water while using subliminals, as it can be very draining - like exercise.

The recommended conditions for quickest subliminal results are over headphones on repeat while you sleep. The recommended playlist arrangement for quickest subliminal results are a pattern of alternating boosters and subliminals. If this is your first time using subliminals, I would recommend using a flush by itself for at least a week before using any other subliminals. Again, these are just recommendations. You are free to use these subliminals however works best for you.

Music Used:
Nazar Rybak - Epic Hero