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[Kaitlyn] Top 100 K-POP Songs of January-March 2019



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dfdhfv this took longer than I meant it to xD April's almost overrrrr owo But yeah anyway x'D 2019 is going to be the first year that I've been into kpop since the very beginning of it ;; (I got into kpop May last year but tbh I didn't really branch outside of BTS until like July) So unlike my 2018 list, which I felt like I just kept on adding to daily, my 2019 should be easier to make (hopefully?). Not in the sense of ranking ofc, that's still a nightmare, but I hopefully shouldn't be finding new songs every 2 seconds after I make my list at the end of the year bc I've been fairly up to date throughout the year xDD That being said, I already know this year is going to be a n i g h t m a r e when it comes to ranking. I had over 100 songs for this list and it's only for the first 3 months of the year x'DD Not to mention April's already slaying atm c'':

But yeah x'D This is my top 100 songs for January-March of 2019! As always, this is just my opinion, so pls don't attack me if your favourite songs weren't on here x'D Also bc this is the way Jennifer does it; songs where the MVs were released in December last year (but the song wasn't released until 2019) are counted under 2018 rather than this year. So this includes like RYEOWOOK's 2nd mini album mvs, I Won't Let You Go by GOT7 (aka the best japanese title track ever pls) and Getting Closer by SEVENTEEN. Those would all be on here if they were counted under 2019 but they're not for this so xD Also Japanese comebacks were included as well as WayV bc they're part of NCT and honestly I just include anything by Korean artists in this, even if it's in Japanese or Chinese x'D MY TOP 5 WAS PAINFUL AND THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ENJOY AND GOOD NIGHT

Intro song is Spotlight by 1THE9 uwu I'm gonna do April-June next and I can tell u, April isn't even over and I'm already scared djfbdg Spotlight's going on there for sure tho x'D