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In this GTA 5 live stream right now I'll be playing LSPDFR GTA 5 police mod and today it's a GTA 5 LSPDFR Seattle Police patrol! That's right, we'll be heading out onto the streets with the Seattle PD and taking down the bad guys, as well as giving out tickets. I will point out that while I do love these cars and the lighting on them, this pack is "inspired" by the Seattle PD and it is not a 100% accurate representation of Seattle police vehicles. Enjoy and thanks for watching this GTA 5 live stream!

This LSPDFR Realistic Patrol features: Seattle Police, Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI ELS), Dodge Charger ELS, Chevy Tahoe ELS, city patrol, traffic stops, calls and pursuits!

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GTA 5 real life cars used in this GTA 5 LSPDFR CITY PATROL live stream:

[ELS] Seattle City Police Pack | Liveries Based off of Seattle PD 1.0.1 by Trooper D:

Everything else is just standard LSPDFR mods! You can find a full list of my Grand Theft Auto 5 mods that I use for this LSPDFR patrol on my website as well:

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VisualV -

Better Dispatch Audio -
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United States Sirens Megapack -

The LSPD First Response Modification (LSPDFR) is a GTA 5 realistic police mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V which transforms the game into a law enforcement sim, allowing you to conduct traffic stops, engage in high speed pursuits and enforce the law as you see fit.

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